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Botánico Vida Omega Oil Benefits

Omega Oil Benefits

Omega Oil has been clinically proven to help Stretch Marks, Scars, Uneven Skin Tone, Dehydrated, Ageing skin and Infant skin conditions. It works naturally by putting the skin's building blocks, Essential Fatty Acids and other Vitamins, directly back into the skin.

Stretch Marks and Skin Elasticity

Stretch marks (Striae) are narrow lines that occur when your skin has to stretch suddenly, either during a growth spurt, weight gain or pregnancy. The middle layer of skin breaks in places, allowing the deeper layers to show through. Some stretch marks are so pronounced that no amount of 'magic' oils will remove them - whatever their claims or price-tag. Omega Oil is clinically proven to be more effective than the leading stretch mark treatment on the market. The majority of patients saw improvement to their existing marks. More importantly, Omega Oil improves skin-elasticity by an incredible 45%. This means your bump can flourish and stretch without damage to your skin.

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Dehydrated Skin and Natural Oils

One of the most common skin complaints, dehydration, occurs when the skin’s natural barrier function is impaired. Things like excessive exposure to the wind, cold, frequent air-travel and air conditioning make skin more susceptible to transepidermal water loss, and it becomes dehydrated, tight, lack lustre and prone to premature ageing. When applied topically, Omega oils have a profound effect on improving the skin’s barrier function and significantly decreasing water loss. This in turn improves the skin’s natural moisturising factors. ánico Vida Omega Oil increased moisture levels in our Clinical Trials by nearly 20%. After one application skin feels softer and more silky and nourished. Many customers use Botanico Vida’s Omega Oil as a daily moisturiser.

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Baby Skin and our Organic, Hypoallergenic Omega Oil

Babies and children have exceptionally sensitive skin which can be prone to redness, itchy dry plaques, dehydration and a general feeling of discomfort. In some cases, these complaints can progress to eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Treating these and other conditions, like playground injuries or chicken pox scars, calls for a gentle, natural approach. Omega Oil is a 100% nut-free oil, brimming with nourishing organic plant oils that soothe sensitive skin and minimise skin damage. The delicate aromatics and warming effect also make Omega Oil perfect for baby massage.

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Uneven Skin Tone, Scars and Vitamin E

The main causes of uneven skin tone are sun spots from excessive sun exposure, hormones which often causes redness and sensitivity, hyperpigmentation or darkening of certain areas of the skin and discolouration due to scarring. Omega Oil’s high levels of Omega 3 and Vitamin E help to reduce redness and balance skin tone. Omega oils have been shown to soothe sensitive skin and reduce red patches and help soften leathery, sun damaged skin. They are also ideal to use on scars after surgery to moisturise, reduce redness and soreness.

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Ageing Skin and Omegas 3-6-9

As our skin matures it changes. Collagen production declines, water loss increases, the barrier function degrades, elasticity depletes, sensitivities increase and the body’s capacity to eliminate toxins reduces. Omega Oil is rich in all essential fatty acids, in particular Omega 3. These fats are necessary for good health as they constitute up to 30% of our skin’s lipids, yet we’re unable to produce them biologically. Omega Oil infuses the skin directly with these building blocks – helping to support the skin’s entire cellular structure through the ageing process.

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100% Natural and Environmentally Beneficial

Omega Oil contains a unique blend of natural seed, nut and fruit oils with over 75% Fatty Acid content. There is nothing other than natural plant oils in the product, 70% of which are organic. Applying Omega Oil directly to the skin will deliver the goodness of these essential nutrients directly into the epidermis, helping to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin. Every 125ml bottle sold helps to support the reforestation of the Amazon with indigenous Sacha Inchi plants and helps to support local communities through fair trade. We are 100% free from mineral oil (liquidum parafinum), petrochemicals, PEGS, glycols, SLS, parabens, synthetics - or cheap fillers like 'aqua' or castor oil. Our packaging is recyclable and our PET plastic bottle is free from BPAs and toxins. Omega Oil is not animal-tested, is vegan friendly and suitable for all skin types. We are proud to work with various certification bodies.

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