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Clinical Trials

We know that our customers love Omega Oil, but we wanted to see what scientists would make of its performance. 

Independent Clinical Research into products that help with stretch marks and scars is few and far between and any dermatologist will tell you that some stretch marks and scars are so pronounced and long-established that no magic potion will remove them, whatever a product may claim.

We asked Cutest , one of the leading skincare testing facilities in the UK, to trial our product and based on comparable trials, Omega Oil performs as well, if not better, than other non-surgical solutions for stretch marks.  

What is most significant about Omega Oil is that our clinical tests on skin elasticity and moisture levels (which help prevent stretch marks) demonstrated a vast improvement. These tests showed that Omega Oils (which are the building blocks of every cell in our body) can be beneficial to skin topically as well as in our diet, and are the best natural solution for supporting the elasticity and hydration of the skin.   

Future, independent research is planned to test Omega Oil in the treatment of other conditions which our customers tell us it helps them with - such as psoriasis, eczema, keratosis pilaris, scars and ageing skin.

Stretchmark and Skin Elasticity trial, 2017

Omega oil delivered better results on Abdominal stretch marks than the #1 selling scar oil on the market.

Omega Oil Trial Format:

  • 12 week trial on 25 patients aged 20 - 40 yrs
  • Abdominal stretch marks were 6 months to 4 years formed.
  • Patients advised on application by study nurses at Cutest laboratories, UK.
  • Patients visited clinic at 0, 2, 4, 8 and 12 weeks and applied twice daily in between visits.

*Competitor trial by Medical University of South Africa, 2005.  Trial lasted 12 weeks, with 20 patients.

Percentage of women seeing stretch marks fade after trial on abdominal area

Bio Oil Clinical Trials

Stretch Mark Prevention

Improving skin elasticity and moisture levels is the best way to prevent stretch marks.  

  • On average, Omega Oil improved skin elasticity by 45% (see chart).

  • One third of users improved their skin elasticity by more than 100%.

  • A trial by a large international stretch mark oil only recorded skin elasticity improvements in 20% of subjects during abdominal application trials.  However, 91% of our trial subjects recorded improvements in elasticity.

Average Elasticity improvements for women in Omega Oil trial.

Omega Oil clinical trials

Skin Moisture Levels

Skin moisture levels recorded using a Corneometer demonstrated an outstanding improvement in skin hydration:

  • On average the skin's moisture levels increased by 19% after only 2 weeks of using Omega Oil. 
  • Skin hydration helps to improve the skin's barrier function thereby reducing sensitivity.
  • Hydrated skin also helps to reduce pre-mature ageing and to impart a healthy and youthful glow. 

Customer Feedback

During the 12 week trial customers saw real improvements in the health and vitality of their skin with 96% of users reporting that their skin felt softer and smoother and 92% saying that they would recommend to a friend. 

Percentage of women answering 'yes' to these questions after 12 weeks trial at clinic

Customer's best moisturiser