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Customer Testimonials

"Great for growing bump"

"Pleasantly surprised - bought for stretching skin and growing bump in pregnancy as skin was very sore. Using twice a day, immediately soothing and can tell its doing the job well. A little goes a long way too." 

Jaz P (Oct 2021)


"Omega Oil"

"My mother who is now 87 suffers with an itchy back and recently purchased the oil on recommendation from an elderly gentleman that she used to be a carer for many years ago.

It has alleviated her symptoms well and so asked me to order a batch of (20 would you believe it) 125ml. bottles to take advantage of the special offer Botanico Vida had on.
Not much else to say really apart from she seems happy with her purchase.

Peter Giles (Oct 2021)


"Uplifting toning oil"

"Best oil I've used. The scent, texture, and ingredients are perfect combination. Must buy again soon." 

Miss T (Aug 2021)


"Wonderful Natural alternative to Bio Oil"

"Love this all natural alternative to Bio oil! I love that it’s paraben free, cruelty free & use only natural fragrance from oil essence. Saw results very quickly on burns I had from cooking. Love this oil." 

Gallerychic (Jul 2021)


"This is a great product"

"I have recently had an operation and although I know I will be left with a scar hoped this would help to lighten it a little. The product smells great and spreads well, then dries quickly. The only issue is if it gets onto clothing it will mark but will easily wash out. " 

Anita Scott (July 2021)


"Yes yes yesssss"

"This is literally the best product I have ever used in my life!!! Saw improvements within 2-3 days. Cleared dark spots and is helping scars. I will never stop buying this. I even got a complement today about how young I'm looking!!! Didn't even have make up on and I have always worn make-up. Super happy!!!" 

TeeKay (Jun 2021)


"Perfect solution !!"

"Brilliance in a bottle! I used it twice a day from three months on, till the end of pregnancy. Currently, I am four weeks post partum. Not a single stretch mark, really happy :) Needed a bottle and a half in total for the duration, well worth the cost. Would recommend in a heartbeat! -Pleasant mild smell -Non greasy -Easily absorbable - Well packaged" 

Go Pro (May 2021)


"A good result with eczema so far!"

"As first impressions go, it's a good one!! My little boy suffers with eczema on his hands and yesterday they were red and sore. I have applied this oil maybe three times in 24 hours and it's hardly noticeable today. It's not gone, but it's not red and sore as it was yesterday. Fingers crossed this lasts!" 

E. Rogers (May 2021)



"Best oil I've tried, it's dry so leaves no sticky residue and sinks straight in to my skin. I started using it just for dry areas but have now switched to using it all over after each shower! Highly recommend." 

Grace (Mar 2021)



"This is like a supercharge for my skin. It's light, non-greasy and makes my skin feel ridiculously soft - I'm using it everywhere, even my face :)" 

Watermonkey (Mar 2021)



"Discovered this oil 2 years ago and it had been a cure for all skin problems in my household. It has calmed down rashes and mild eczema on my daughters skin, it has helped to fade scars on my skin, and most recently it was a great oil for my pregnancy. Now I’m using it to help my c-section scar fade, and I’m using it as a baby massage oil!! Really wonderful oil, cannot recommend enough." 

Sabrina (Mar 2021)


"Keeps my skin so soft and hydrated"

"I’m 22 and I love this oil! I get really dry skin in the winter and this keeps my skin so soft and hydrated. Also, I use it on my face sometimes if I need a moisture boost and it never makes my skin break out. Knowing how ethical the company is, is just the cherry on top." 

Charlotte Emma (Sept 2020)


"Soothed my itchy stretching skin"

"Only got this yesterday and it has soothed my itchy stretching skin so much already."

Catherine Roe (Nov 2020)


"Makes my skin feel ridiculously soft"

"This oil is rich in Omega 3,6, & 9, which makes my skin feel ridiculously soft and moisturized. The oil dries really quickly so it never feels greasy or sticks to my clothes, I can get dressed straight away! I have pretty sensitive skin and Botanico Vida is the only product I’ve found that heals and calms my skin. I’m guessing because it’s 100% natural and free from all the chemical and synthetic rubbish."

Monkey92 (FB Dec 2020)


"I’ve been using it for two weeks now and the difference is incredible"

Thank you Botanico Vida for this oil! I’m 22 weeks pregnant, I’ve been using it for two weeks now and the difference is incredible. I’m not dry and itchy and my skin is so soft! I wouldn’t want to put anything other than 100% natural ingredients on my skin when it is doing such an amazing job as housing a baby! Thank you, thank you. 

Roeanna (FB Nov 2020)


"Very light and just disappears into the skin"

"I’m really liking this body oil by Botanico Vida. Very light and just disappears into the skin."

Ageless by Glynis Barber (lovelula.com Dec 2020)


"Highly recommend this product"

"I started using the Omega Oil when I was pregnant as I wanted a completely natural product to use on my bump to prevent stretch marks - it didn’t disappoint. I used it religiously every day and I definitely think it saved me from getting any stretch marks at all. I love how it’s an oil, but it’s dry so my skin (or clothes) don’t get sticky! I use it straight after the bath or shower on damp skin and it soak in immediately. I ended up using it on the rest of my body as a general moisturiser, including my face. I have acne scarring and am usually nervous to use anything too oily on my face in case it flares up again, but this oil is really lovely on the skin. A go to product that I’ll keep in the cabinet always. Now I use it on my baby too!"

Em, Herts (Dec 2020)


"I use it on patches of dry skin/psoriasis and it helps soooo much"

"This balm is so smooth, I use it on patches of dry skin/psoriasis and it helps soooo much. I also use it as lip balm and it keeps my lips insanely soft - would highly recommend!"

CharlotteEmma0998 (Sept 2020)


"Botanico Vida balm is the only product that actually works on my lips"

"I’m not usually a balm fan but the Botanico Vida balm is the only product that actually works on my lips, night and day. My lips get so dry and they crack terribly in the winter but this balm has really protected them from breaking."

Monkey92 (FB Dec 2020)


“My scars are now barely visible”

"Two & a half months post op and have been using this on my scars – they’re barely noticeable."



“Omega oil immediately soothed the itchy skin”

“Having suffered from eczema and allergies as a child, they would still flare up from time to time, leaving me with uncomfortable and itchy patches of skin. Wanting to avoid prescription creams due to some of the content I was looking for an alternative to soothe a particularly painful area. I have tried everything from herbal remedies to my son’s organic nappy cream! Omega oil immediately soothed the itchy skin, reduced the redness overnight and I was completely clear in a few days. I know the problem is likely to return at some point, but I am now confident I have the solution."

Rachel Hotchkiss, London


“If you ask me it’s a body oil for all and all purposes”

“Omega oil was recommended to me by a friend. I decided to try it on my son who suffers from eczema. Already after one week I can honestly say that the result is amazing... Far better than any of the creams you get from the chemist. It is super absorbent, and we all love the light citrus smell. I have also replaced my body lotion for omega oil. If you ask me, it is a body oil for all and all purposes!”

Nicole Morgan, London


“It is quite incredible quite a few of the patches on my legs have virtually disappeared”

“I have been using your omega oil and I thought I should let you know how I am finding it. Firstly, I must tell you I have had patches of psoriasis on various parts of my body for years especially my elbows. I have tried everything under the sun for many years so much so that I reached a stage where I just didn’t really bother anymore until now. After using your omega oil for a couple of weeks my skin has improved beyond belief, it is quite incredible quite a few of the patches on my legs have virtually disappeared and my elbows are improving by the day".

Joan Robinson, Suffolk, UK


“The scars have healed up very well within a month”

“I bought this product as an alternative to bio-oil. I used it on my daughter’s scars, and it worked wonders the scars have healed up very well within a month and are barely noticeable now. I can definitely recommend this product; it smells lovely too.”

Rosie, Sept 2018


“My skin has taken to it much better than Bio-Oil”

“Love this oil, my skin has taken to it much better than Bio-Oil which after a while still left me with the odd dry patch. I love the fact that it's all natural products too."

Dre, June 2018


“So simple and so very effective for first time use!”

“What witchcraft is this? This oil is magic - smells and feels fantastic, we were all fighting over who was going to use it! It left skin feeling super smooth and soft. This has a warming feeling when applied and a slight orange scent - really subtle and quite sweet but also fresh. Absolutely lovely. The oil is satiny but quite watery and sinks in so easily. Love love love! All of us found that this sank in beautifully, even on the driest skin. It soothed and healed eczema patches and moisturised cracked heels. It improved the appearance of my many many stretch marks and soothed and freshened up baby bottoms! No greasy residue, only healthy looking skin. I used it on my legs when wearing my first summer dress of the season to work and spent the whole day asking the children to leave my legs alone during carpet time - apparently they were "so silky"! This product is excellent as a one off treatment or used daily. It can be used for pretty much anything and has quickly become the go-to product in my household. My husband has even used it to soften his beard! All of us - me, husband, 6 year old and 2 year old- have become addicted to this. The kids skin is eczema free and so incredibly soft and smooth. My hideous legs are smooth and have a lovely seen - gone is the crocodile skin! My husband has soft smooth skin, no more dry patches on his hands or face at all. We love it! There are no downsides to this product and we have used it for so many things- if there was a downside to find, we would have found it by now! This product delivered over and over again. We will be buying it on repeat from amazon! I would want to be able to buy this is supersize. Fab ingredients which clearly work very effectively, good value for money as it lasts ages. Amazing product.’

Judges feedback, free from skincare awards, June 2017


“Really light, quick to absorb and leaves my skin feeling superb”

“I am pregnant with my second child and love Botanico Vida’s omega oil. It feels amazing to rub into my expanding belly - really light, quick-to-absorb and leaves my skin feeling superb, not remotely greasy, plus knowing it is both very pure and effective against stretch marks is reassuring. I am a fan of products with multiple applications - I also use omega oil on my 22 month old and will use as my baby massage oil for my next little one. Oh and did I mention it smells great?"

Rachel Gundesen, London


“His eczema flared up pretty badly. After two days it had cleared”

“My son was in and out of the pool non-stop on holiday and his eczema flared up pretty badly. After two days using omega oil it had cleared. Very impressed! It’s a lovely product to use all round and smells delicious!"

Hannah Dakin, London


"This oil is an excellent natural alternative for all minor skin complaints."

"It is full of nutritious ingredients. I use it for my young boys and my own skin, and now recommend to my patients."

Dr Jag Acharya, GP London 


"Leaving no residue to mark clothing”

“I haven't used this lovely oil for long, but I can tell you that I am very impressed at how well it is absorbed... Leaving no residue to mark clothing, as so many body oils I've used in the past have done.”

Carol Becker, Suffolk, UK


“Thankfully I have no stretch marks and 2 healthy babies...”

“I was paranoid about stretch-marks during my pregnancy with twins and massaged omega oil every day until they were born. Thankfully I have no stretch marks and 2 healthy babies, and am now using it not just on myself but also as a baby massage oil to prevent them from suffering with dryness and rashes. It's also amazing to use on my four year old son to help heal playground scratches and grazes. I absolutely love the oil's natural scent and how soft and supple it makes my skin feel. Omega oil is definitely now an essential product in our household.”

Elizabeth Keeley, Surrey, UK