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Bioactive Sacha InchiXXXX

The Earth's best plant source of Omega Oil is Sacha Inchi Seed which contains 90% Fatty Acids.  It is organically grown and eco-certified; a sustainable, indigenous crop that is helping to reforest the amazon; fairly-traded and with its extraordinarily high levels of Omega 3-6-9, Vitamin E and Protein it is perhaps one of the Earth's most nutrient rich seeds. A true super-food for your skin this amazing seed is almost entirely composed of the building blocks of our skin. Applied externally, it reduces inflammation; soothes, calms and nourishes, and helps prevent and improve the appearance of existing stretch marks

Our Sacha Inchi Oil is sourced from wild-harvested and fairly-traded sources and is the subject of a development program in Peru – the OMEGA program – working to empower local communities and reforest areas of the Amazon.