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100% Natural and Environmentally Beneficial

Omega Oil contains a unique blend of natural seed, nut and fruit oils with over 75% Fatty Acid content. There is nothing other than natural plant oils in the product, 70% of which are organic. Applying Omega Oil directly to the skin will deliver the goodness of these essential nutrients directly into the epidermis, helping to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin. Every 125ml bottle sold helps to support the reforestation of the Amazon with indigenous Sacha Inchi plants and helps to support local communities through fair trade. We are 100% free from mineral oil (liquidum parafinum), petrochemicals, PEGS, glycols, SLS, parabens, synthetics - or cheap fillers like 'aqua' or castor oil. Our packaging is recyclable and our PET plastic bottle is free from BPAs and toxins. Omega Oil is not animal-tested, is vegan friendly and suitable for all skin types. We are proud to work with various certification bodies.

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