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Can I use Botanico Vida Oil To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks?

Why do I get stretch marks?

Stretch marks (medically known as striae) are narrow lines that occur when your skin has to stretch suddenly, either during a growth spurt, weight gain or, commonly, pregnancy.

 What causes stretch marks?

When the skin has to stretch quickly, the middle layer of the skin (the dermis) can break in places allowing the deeper layers to show through. Although the dermis does contain strong, inter-connected fibres, which allow your skin to stretch with great flexibility, sometimes very rapid change or growth can break these fibres.

These breaks, or tears, in the dermis allow the blood vessels below to show through, which is why stretch marks are often red or purple when they first appear. When the blood vessels eventually contract (get smaller), the pale-coloured fat underneath your skin will be visible, and your stretch marks will change to a silvery-white colour.

stretch marks

How do you get rid of stretch marks?

Some stretch marks are so pronounced that no amount of 'magic' oils will remove them - whatever their claims or price-tag. However, Botanico Vida Omega Oil is clinically proven to be more effective than the leading stretch mark treatment on the market. The majority of patients in our clinical trials saw improvement to their existing marks. More importantly, Omega Oil improves skin elasticity by an incredible 45%! This means your bump can flourish and stretch without damage to your skin.

Why are stretch marks purple?

Stretch marks often start out red or purple due to the blood vessels showing through the break in the fibres. These blood vessels do get smaller though so the visible lines will fade to white or silver on their own. You can also treat your stretch marks with Omega Oil while they’re red to make their appearance fade.

Are stretch marks caused by pregnancy?

Stretch marks often occur during the later stages of pregnancy, when the skin is rapidly growing, affecting about eight out of 10 pregnant women. Whether or not you'll get stretch marks depends on your skin type and how elastic it is. It is effective to act preventatively and Botanico Vida’s clinical trials have proved a 45% increase in skin elasticity. Not only will this help in the fight against stretch marks, but your skin in that delicate area will feel beautiful and soft as it stretches to accommodate your growing baby.

Also. during pregnancy, hormones are produced that soften the ligaments in your pelvis so they're more flexible when you give birth. Ligaments are strong bands of tissue that connect joints. However, the hormones can also soften the fibres in your skin, making it prone to stretch marks.

Can I prevent stretch marks in pregnancy?

There are some things you can do to help lower your chances of getting stretch marks and these include using effective, clinically proven products, as well as having a healthy diet.

healthy food

It's so important to eat a healthy, balanced diet that's rich in vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin E, C and the minerals zinc and silicon. These vitamins and minerals will help keep your skin healthy. If you combine a healthy regime with conditioning of your skin with an effective, 100% natural oil like Botanico Vida’s Omega Oil, you know you will have given every chance to your growing body to avoid the pitfalls of rapidly stretching skin. Just listen to some customers stories

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Clinical Trials by Cutest, The Skin Specialists

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