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Are there Home Remedies for Burns?

Treating a burn at home.

The first thing you must do if you receive a burn at home is to run it under cool water for about 20 mins. This will take the heat out of the skin layers and allow the comfortable application of a healing product. The NHS gives very clear guidelines to follow 

How does a burn heal?

A burn causes damage to several layers of the skin. Minor burns damage and heal like a cut. Very often a blister may form to protect and cover the injured area, while healing continues beneath it. The healing happens when white blood cells attack the bacteria and a new layer of skin starts to grow in from the edges.

Can Botanico Vida’s Omega Oil or Balm help heal a burn?

Omega Oil has demonstrated its dramatic effectiveness at treating the skin after a terrible burn on the arm of a community nurse, Dawn Garner. Dawn wrote to us testifying with photographs on how miraculous her recovery was. The natural ingredients, with zero synthetic additives, are thought to be the powerful reason the body responded so effectively to treatment.


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The NHS were so amazed at the improvement in her skin they have discussed with us the desire to commence a clinical trial into the effectiveness of Omega Oil on the healing and recovery of burns.  Omega Oil has been clinically tested by Cutest laboratories on its significant improvement in skin elasticity and hydration but following a number of compelling testimonials on its effectiveness on treating burns we will now be conducting our own independent clinical trials.

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