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Dry hands caused by excessive hand washing in war against Covid-19

Sore hands from washing too much?

Covid-19 lockdown has been life-changing in so many ways for everyone. We are seeing a significant spike in people seeking a solution for eczema that has been caused by excessive hand washing and the application of anti-bacterial hand gel. Red, irritated and dry skin are some of the complaints we are hearing from customers who have never before experienced eczema. The high alcohol content contained in the majority of anti-bacterial products coupled with anti-bacterial hand wash is extremely drying, depleting and aggravating for the skin resulting in a whole range of skin disorders. 

Soothe your eczema and dry skin immediately!

Of course hand washing and using an anti-bacterial product on the skin remains absolutely essential but so too is the aftercare of your hands. We recommend using a natural hand wash or plant based soap for cleansing that contains natural anti-bacterial ingredients such as tea tree, lemon myrtle or rosemary.  Next apply anti-bacterial gel or a tea tree based hand gel/cream. Finally, massage 100% natural Omega Balm into your skin after each hand wash. For extra dry and chapped hands, rub in Omega Balm and wear cotton gloves overnight. Your skin will literally drink in the 100% natural ingredients and will feel soft and beautiful in the morning.

Why is Omega Balm so effective at soothing eczema and dry skin?

  1. It contains the superfood and powerful healing oil of Sacha Inchi. Sacha Inchi contains the earth's richest plant source of Omega 3, 6 and 9. It is extremely nourishing, anti-inflammatory and helps support the cellular function of each and every skin cell.
  2. Omega Balm contains a complex of other Omega rich oils: Avocado, Argan and Rosehip Oil to further support the benefits of Sacha Inchi. 
  3. Omega Balm contains a patented technology called Castorlatum™ which radically improves  the barrier function of the skin, helping lock moisture deep within the skin and helping to minimise irritation caused the environment, hand washing and the application of drying alcohol based skincare.

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