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Healthy Summer Skin

Summer is by far our favourite season; there is so much to love. The warm feeling of morning sunshine as you sip a cup of tea; the beach; the sea; the saltiness in the air; the holidays and break from normal life; exotic food in faraway places; peace, quiet, calm and contentment; the warm, balmy evenings spent outdoors.

Our skin loves summer too as it too can be free to relish the elements; unbounded by heavy clothing, tights, leggings and jeans. It will feel healthy, rejuvenated and alive providing we remember that all that extra sunshine and outdoor living does mean the sun will also drink up its essential moisture and we need to replenish.  Dry (lacking in oil) or dehydrated skin (lacking in water) caused by the sun is one of the key factors in skin ageing before its time. This is not saying that sun should be avoided altogether. Being a conscious sunbather is all that is required: wear a hat, cover your shoulders with a shawl or sarong; avoid the sun during the middle of the day; use an spf but don’t feel like you need factor 50 all day long as you skin also needs sunshine, just not in excess and replenish your bodies fluids throughout the day with lot of pure, clean water.

Next, start a morning and evening summer hydration ritual: dry skin brush or exfoliate and then apply an Omega-Rich Body Oil top toe.  We use our Omega Oil ( religiously every day, on the whole family and you can really see and feel the difference in our skin. Scaly, dry, red areas are restored and it feels silky and soft. Why Omega Oils are so effective when applied topically is due to their high level of Fatty Acids, some of which, particular Omega 3 are considered to be essential nutrients that form the building blocks of your skins cells.  

By keeping your skin hydrated during summer you will also hold onto your golden complexion longer and your skin will look vital, healthy and radiant all summer long.

Wishing you a wonderful summer!

Kristy Cimesa

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