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Summer Days… with Omega Oil

Omega Oil is the one product you will want to pack this summer. Easily absorbed with a fragrant citrus note, Omega Oil is such a treat for your skin, and that of your families after a day in the sun. Omegas are necessary to the health of each and every skin cell. They work by supporting the skin cell membrane that is responsible for locking moisture into the skin and also promoting natural hydration factors. When we are exposed to the sun it is very dehydrating and depletes the skin’s moisture levels. By reinforcing the health of the skin membrane it helps to lock moisture in and promote optimum skin cell health.

In the same way it also helps to repair the skin that has had too much sun. If you do burn or go a little 'pinkish' on holiday apply Omega Oil after the sun to reduce the inflammation and to plump each and every skin cell with Omegas, Vitamins and Anti-Oxidants.

Spritz you and your families skin top-to-toe every evening after showering and their skin will be dewy, radiant and with a healthy sun-kissed glow, all summer long, while helping to prolong the life of your tan.

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