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Post-summer skin repair

I love summer - the long sun drenched days, the balmy nights, the salty sea, the warm hot pebbles and the fragrant aromas of Jasmine and Limes but we often reach the end of August and our skin (while a more radiant shade) is so incredibly dry.  From our heels and our flip flop weathered feet, to our limbs, torso and face - our skin is frequently depleted by the sun it is in desperate need of a specialist skin recovery treatment.

I always start with a good daily exfoliation with a sisal brush or a home-made sea salt and olive oil polish. Mix 1/4 a cup of raw, unground sea salt with 100ml of olive oil and apply to the skin in small circular motions. If you would rather use one off the shelf then Aesop do a lovely Geranium Leaf body exfoliator.  If you don't exfoliate the dry skin first, your skin can't absorb an oil or hydrator effectively, so this is a really important step.  It also prevents the skin from peeling in patches, helps to even out skin tone and will help prolong the life of your tan.  Always exfoliate from top to toe before showering or take a soak and after drying off apply Omega Oil all over, massaging it into your skin in a small circular motion. Fortunately Omega Oil has been developed to absorb straight into the skin so you are not left with a greasy, oily-film and can dress straight away.

If your heels have also been battered than do try our heavenly heel challenge and for 2 weeks every night before bed, use a pumice stone to remove dead skin and apply Omega Balm to your heels and pop on some socks. Allow Omega Oil to work its magic overnight and within 2 weeks your heels will be radically transformed.

Omega Oil and Balm work by delivering the goodness of the Omegas directly into the epidermis. Our skin is the largest organ in our body and essentially needs to be 'fed'. We can do this internally through the food we eat but for direct action, you can 'feed' your skin through the topical application of pure, botanical, vitamin-rich plant oils, particularly those that are rich in omegas which our skin needs for optimum hydration. Use Omega Oil nightly for only one week and you will see a radical change in the texture of your skin. It will be more hydrated, soft and supple as this specialist skincare oil penetrates the skin, helping each and every skin cell to recovery.

We would love to hear from you with any of your experiences using Omega Oil after your summer holidays and how it helped you.

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