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To reuse and recycle must be our modern mantra

Consumerism  in the 21st century is at an unprecedented level, like that which we have never seen before with commodities so easily discarded and upgraded for newer, better and shinier models.  Yet everytime we dispose of something be it a new gadget, children's toy, clothing or sporting equipment while it may disappear from our life it doesn't just disappear from our environment.  If consumerism does not retract the only way we can stop our forests, oceans, cities and towns from becoming vast wastelands of unwanted consumer goods is if we start recycling and buying goods which use recycled materials. 

There has been much debate over the use of glass and whether it is more enviromentally friendly to use glass packaging over plastic but sadly there is no right or wrong answer.  There is a vast amount of water used to make glass and it is very heavy, meaning more fuel and energy is required in shipping.

Plastic on the otherhand uses petroleum production and does not biodegrade. While sugarcane derived plastic is deemed an improvement it doesn’t overcome the biodegradable issue and there is some question about how ‘clean’ it is to produce.



As a brand we have really grappled with this conundrum to create a sustainable product not just in terms of the ingredients used but also the pack in which our product is housed.  After much research we have decided the best way forward is to use 100% PCR (post consumer recycled packaging). In this way every piece of plastic already in existence is recycled into a new piece of plastic and the cycle continues. The government look set to introduce a new plastic tax on companies using less than 30% PCR in thier packaging from 2021 so there finally feels like a positive momentum to use, reuse and recycle.   We are completely commited to this period of transition and by 2021 our packaging will only use 100% PCR plastic and aluminium tubes.

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