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Why Omega Oil is a Breakthrough for Ageing Skin

First, a look inside skin cells

Omega Oils (in particular Omega 3 and 6) are found in every living cell in our body. These fatty acids are crucial to our health and the cell membrane, which allows nutrients in, waste products out, and helps to retain water.  The result of a healthy cell membrane is hydrated, softer and more wrinkle-free skin.  As we age and our oestrogen levels decline the cell membrane becomes thinner and less sticky.  This decreases the barrier function, so that moisture is released from the skin, causing dryness.  With the menopause, these changes can accelerate and cause wrinkles, redness and sensitivities, rosacea and reduced skin elasticity.

How to improve cell membranes

What can we do to enable cell membranes to retain more water and remove toxins whilst absorbing more vital nutrients? The answer: Increase our intake of Omega 3, which is the most deficient Omega Oil in modern diets. Traditionally women have sought to boost Omega 3 with a diet rich in oily fish, nuts, seeds and supplements.  Now, for the first time, they can apply plant-based Omegas and vital nutrients directly to the skin, with Botánico Vida’s breakthrough, highly concentrated ‘Omega Oil’. It contains the world’s richest plant-source of Omega 3, Sacha Inchi seed oil, from the Amazon Rainforest. When ‘Omega Oil’ is applied to the skin it helps bolster the skin cell membrane.  It increases the absorption of nutrients and helps the cells to hold more water, leading to moister, softer skin.  This promotes wrinkle prevention, and may eradicate existing mild wrinkles and soothe redness, irritation and inflammation. Omega 3 has also demonstrated an ability to heal wounds because of its anti-inflammatory properties, to reduce scar tissue and to treat atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and acne.

A 100% natural skincare treatment with outstanding clinical results

Omega Oil was trialled by one of the leading independent skincare laboratories in the UK, Cutest. Their scientists confirmed that after applying Omega Oil directly to patients’ skin over a 3-month period, elasticity and moisture measurements showed a vast improvement and 92% of patients said they would recommend the oil. What’s more Botánico Vida’s ‘Omega Oil’ is sustainably sourced, has a light citrus scent, and absorbs beautifully - delivering your skin exactly what it needs without any compromise.

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