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Baby it's cold outside!

Dry, Chapped Winter Skin

As pretty as a white, icy landscape looks, it plays havoc with our skin. Not to mention the extremes between that bracing walk and warming ourselves by the fire when we get home!

It's time to change our skincare regime to make allowance for all these factors. In this cold weather, our skin becomes seriously depleted by central heating, the wind and the cold temperatures. All is not lost though, there are ways we can help support our skin to maintain its equilibrium, with just a few simple changes.

1. Change to an oil or balm based cleanser. Please read the ingredient list on any pack and make sure it is free of mineral oil and only contains pure plant oils that work in synergy with the skin. Oil and balm based cleaners are very gentle and perfect on dry, sensitive skin, whilst being wonderful at removing all traces of make-up.

2. Exfoliate twice every week. As we age, our skin cells turnover at a much slower rate than when we were in our 20s. In winter, this process slows down even more. By exfoliating weekly, you are helping your skin shed the dry skin cells to make way for newly formed cells that are more plump and well hydrated.

3. Improve your skins barrier function. Helping your skin to build a barrier against the cold is key. When you take an early morning run or walk, apply Omega Balm to your cheeks, lips and hands before going outside. Omega Balm is extremely effective at locking the moisture into your skin and also helping build an effective buffer against the environment.

4. Apply Omega Oil every night to your face and body. Omegas are required for optimum skin health, especially in winter. This will infuse your skin with much-needed moisture and boost any existing skincare regime.  

5. Drink more fluids - ideally warm lemon or ginger tea. The more you drink, the better hydrated your skin will be.

6. Finally, remember to get enough sleep. In winter our metabolism slows down and we do require more sleep, rest and recovery. A good night's sleep can be a miracle worker for your skin.

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