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Winter Skin SOS

Winter can be extremely harsh on the skin: depleting the skin of its natural oils and increasing the rate of trans-epidermal water loss alongside a reduction in cellular turnover and impairment of the skin's natural barrier function.  All of these factors combine to lead to dehydrated and sensitive skin with a rapid acceleration of the ageing process.

Omega Oil offers a very efficient and 100% natural solution for dehydrated winter skin. Clinically proven to improve skin hydration with over 96% of users reporting that their skin felt more hydrated, softer and supple after the application of Omega Oil.

As every cell in our body contains lipids of which essential fatty acids contribute  a significant portion, Omega Oils applied topically plays a pivotal role in plumping, hydrating and nourishing our skin cells. Containing the earth’s richest plant source of Omega 3,6 & 9 with 90% fatty acid content and an abundance of anti-oxidants, vitamins and protein, Omega Oil delivers all the nutrients our skin needs directly into the epidermis.  Due to the molecular structure of Omega Oil being very similar to skin lipids, these essential nutrients are very easily absorbed, and promptly help to restore your skins barrier function and reduce trans-epidermal water loss.  So effective, even from the first application, exceptionally dry skin will feel more nourished and hydrated and leave the skin feeling soft and looking dewy and radiant.

For maximum benefit don't forget to also exfoliate. Use a dry skin brush daily to gently shed surface dead skin cells and help stimulate new cell renewal and encourage circulation. Japanese have practiced the ritual of dry skin brushing for centuries helping their bodies to  detoxify, purify and invigorate.  New skin cells will more rapidly absorb any body products applied, helping to reap maximum benefit from your products. 

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