“So simple and so very very effective for first time use! What witchcr – Botánico Vida UK

“So simple and so very very effective for first time use! What witchcraft is this? This oil is magic - smells and feels fantastic, we were all fighting over who was going to use it! It left skin feeling super smooth and soft”

“This has a warming feeling when applied and a slight orange scent - really subtle and quite sweet but also fresh. Absolutely lovely. The oil is satiny but quite watery and sinks in so easily. LOVE LOVE LOVE! All of us found that this sank in beautifully, even on the driest skin. It soothed and healed eczema patches and moisturised cracked heels. It improved the appearance of my many many stretch marks and soothed and freshened up baby bottoms! No greasy residue, only healthy looking skin. I used it on my legs when wearing my first summer dress of the season to work and spent the whole day asking the children to leave my legs alone during carpet time  - apparently they were "so silky"! This product is excellent as a one off treatment or used daily. It can be used for pretty much anything and has quickly become the go-to product in my household. My husband has even used it to soften his beard! All of us  - Me, husband, 6 year old and 2 year old- have become addicted to this. The kids skin is eczema free and so incredibly soft and smooth. My hideous legs are smooth and have a lovely seen - gone is the crocodile skin! My husband has soft smooth skin, no more dry patches on his hands or face at all. We love it! There are no downsides to this product and we have used it for so many things- if there was a downside to find, we would have found it by now! This product delivered over and over again. We will be buying it on repeat from Amazon! I would want to be able to buy this is supersize. Fab ingredients which clearly work very effectively, good value for money as it lasts ages. Amazing product.’  

Judges Feedback, Free From Skincare Awards, June 2017